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One of the most talked-about features in DevInfo 7.0 is the new My Data, which allows users to upload data from their own files or to simply copy/paste their data in order to instantly generate powerful visualizations.


DevInfo already manages hundreds of databases – global, regional, national, and subnational.  My Data enables the storing and displaying of information without creating a new DevInfo database so researchers, non-profit agencies, and academics with field and other data that need to quickly create a map, table, or graph can quickly use the feature and include the visuals created in their reports and representations.


For example, assume that a DevInfo user has collected information on births attended by skilled health personnel in 11 countries in South-Eastern Asia. The user has entered the information in an Excel document, and would like to generate a map.


The user can simply copy/paste that information into the My Data box, and click on “Next.” Note that she cannot type in the data directly into the box, but instead she would need to copy and paste it from a document (Word, Excel…).




The user will then be able to visualize her data, and also customize it. In this example, here are a few examples of maps that can be created for inclusion in presentations/reports.



All 22 visualization tools available in DevInfo 7.0 can be used using the My Data feature. After generating and customizing a satisfying table, graph, or map, users can download them in Excel or JPG format and drop them in their advocacy material. The visual can also be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.


For more information, please contact the DevInfo Support Group at support@devinfo.info.

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