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The new Quick Data Search feature allows users in a hurry to type in keywords and to automatically find the list of available indicators or areas containing that keyword via a drop-down menu. While the web-based DevInfo 7 has kept the popular “Browse for data by Topic or Area” feature from previous versions, the Quick Data Search enables fast browsing for information in a database.



Users familiar with the search engine Google will recognize the query mechanism that consists of entering elements in a search bar and seeing real-time suggestions for matching elements. For instance, if you are looking for youth unemployment rates in Brazil and South Africa, typing “unemployment” (or even “unemploy”) in the What? area of the Quick Data Search box will provide a sample of indicators available with that word.



Once you have selected your indicator, browse for South Africa and Brazil in the Where? area.



After clicking on Search, results will be generated alphabetically in seconds under the Quick Data Search. The most recent data value appears in red, next to the indicator name and its unit. A spark line makes it easy to quickly visualize the evolution of the indicator throughout the years (for instance, the increase of youth unemployment rates in Brazil followed by a decrease in the last ten years).



If you would like to visualize data for one indicator only, the Visualize button below the indicator will take you to the visualization panel. If you would like to visualize data for Brazil and South Africa (in order to compare them, for instance), click on Add to cart.



Once you have added all of the wanted indicators in the Data cart, click on Data to be taken to the visualization panel.


For more information, please contact the DevInfo Support Group at support@devinfo.info.


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