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4.4    By the end of 2010, fixed broadband penetration in the developing world averaged 4.4 per cent, compared to 24.6 per cent in developed regions.

Millennium Development Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

Target 8F: In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies especially information and communications


Indicator 8.16: Internet users per 100 inhabitants


Some of the most promising applications and services in information and communications for development are those that are delivered over high-speed broadband networks. More countries are introducing national broadband plans to bring more people online, but major differences in broadband access persist.

By the end of 2010, fixed broadband penetration in the developed regions averaged 24.6 per cent, compared to only 4.4 per cent in the developing world. In the majority of LDCs, the number of fixed broadband subscriptions remains very low and services are prohibitively expensive.


Source: The Millennium Development Goals Report, 2011

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