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1 in 5    Nearly one in five child deaths worldwide is due to diarrhoea.

World Fit for Children Goal: Reduce by one half deaths due to diarrhoea among children under the age of five
Diarrhoea remains the second leading cause of death among children under five globally. Nearly one in five child deaths – about 1.2 million each year – is due to diarrhoea. It kills more children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

Many well-known child survival interventions are critical to reducing child deaths due to diarrhoea. These work in two ways: by either directly reducing a child’s exposure to diarrhoea-causing pathogens (through the provision of safe drinking water, for example) or by reducing a child’s susceptibility to severe diarrhoea and dehydration (through improved nutrition and overall health care).

Source: WHO/Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG) estimates presented in The Lancet, June 2010