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2.6    The percentage of total official development assistance to health spent on family planning was 2.6 in 2009.

Millennium Development Goal 5: Improve maternal health

Target 5B: Achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health


Aid for family planning as a proportion of total aid for health declined over the past decade and stood at 2.6 per cent in 2009.


Over the coming decades, demand for family planning
will likely increase, based on substantial unmet need and the expected rise in the number of women and men of reproductive age. Yet funding for family planning services and supplies has not risen commensurately.


This means that, on a per capita basis, aid for family planning has fallen in virtually all recipient countries. Ensuring the funding necessary to meet the
growing demand for contraceptives could ultimately reduce the cost of maternal and newborn health care by preventing unintended pregnancies.


Source: The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011.

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